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Panthea Wine Club

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Panthea Wine Club

The Panthea Wine club is your passport to the Pinnacle of Pinot Noir in the Anderson Valley. By becoming a member you become part of our family. By committing, you will receive among the finest collectable hand-crafted wine produced in the region. Membership will guarantee your allocation of our Estate Reserve, and other limited release wines.  You will also receive an invitation to special  Panthea Wine Club™ events, as well as generous loyalty &  referral benefits.



       A Pinot Noir exclusive Wine Club~*

       Two shipments per year. (Spring & Fall)

       Discounts on all wine purchases including reorders and allocated wines, discount code given.

       Generous loyalty, referral benefits (a $5.oo bottle of Siren when you refer a new member)

       Priority access to private tours of the vineyard (when available, by appointment only)

       Priority on allocated releases including “Estate Reserve”

       Exclusive opportunities on limited offerings and library selections, including Magnums

       Tasting Room privileges, including complimentary tasting and voucher for friends (TBA)

       Invitations to special winery events, including dinners and tastings, for you and a special guest

       Discounted rate shipping (UPS) or free local delivery~*




– $120.00 max. per shipment + taxes & shipping

   3 winemaker selected bottles shipped 2X per year with winemaker notes & more~*

    Plus a 10% discount on additional purchases.

The all-endowed, the all-gifted & the all-giving

Pandora was the first human woman created by the gods.

Join Pandora’s Club


– $220.00 max. per shipment + taxes & shipping

   6 winemaker selected bottles shipped 2X per year with winemaker notes & more~*

   Plus a 15% discount on additional purchases.

 The Goddess of agriculture, fertility, and the harvest

Join Demeter’s Club


– $420.00 max. per shipment + taxes & shipping

    12 winemaker selected bottles shipped 2X per year with winemaker notes, recipes, and special access to the

    winery and vineyard upon availability

    Plus a 20% discount on additional purchases.

The God of the vine, grape harvest, winemaking, wine, ritual madness, religious ecstasy, and theatre

Join Dionysus’s Club

The Siren Club

 Our newest addition- The Siren Club.

This offering includes 1 case (2x per year) of our award winning current release 2013 Siren, Anderson Valley Appellation.

12 bottles for $240.00 max. per shipment (+ taxes & shipping)

 Only $20.00 per bottle!

Being part of the Siren Club makes it far easier to enjoy a high quality wine more causally~*

This can be added to an existing wine club membership &/or split amongst friends.

Plus enjoy a 10% discount on all other wines.

Heed the Siren’s call?!

Your wines will be automatically shipped on the date of release and your credit card on file will be charged.  Also, by becoming part of our family you make the commitment to receive at least 2 shipments.

Each member will receive their wines 2X per year. All members will be informed of shipment via email. All wines will be automatically charged to your card on file. No confirmation is necessary. Cancellation requires 30 days prior notice.

To join Panthea Wine Club ™ simply fill out the form below. We will send you first shipment as soon as we process you payment. The next shipment in the upcoming seasonal cycle.

Thank you for your membership, friendship & welcome to the family!

Call Jessa at 775.342.4788


Wine Club Sign-Up Printout

Join Panthea Wine Club

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