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Our Story

Who We Are

Panthea Winery & Vineyard, while a serious, committed affair, is not your typical winery operation. There is no front office. There is no year-round staff. But each fall when the harvest bell rings, friends and family converge to see it through with fun, jubilation and Kelly’s guiding vision-the alchemy of art and science. It is a decided old world effort of hard work and love.
Today, Kelly, his wife Jessa and their 2 sons Griffin & Phoenix strive to celebrate art, life, community and wine, creating a culture of authenticity while evolving their pinot noir. This is all radiant in the wine.

Kelly Boss, Vintner 

Kelly Boss has a background in the visual arts & photography, music, farming and exploration in the elements of the sustainable lifestyle. Growing up in Napa, Kelly was close to the old world magic of winegrowing, food and the reemergence of cooking as American culture. A childhood friend with a fascination of fine wine and a stash of old vintages in a barn also colored Kelly’s peaking interest in his early years. He later spent time apprenticing on organic farms, working with Marin Organics at the dawning of the modern CSA and the Slow Food organic movement. In Kelly, a Renaissance Man comes to mind.

Later moving to Mendocino County offered exposure to the region, its environment and its pinot. The environments reflection in the wine led to a fascination and growing passion of bringing all these worlds of influence together. His dream is to craft a wine that synthesizes the love of nature, art and community. Kelly’s vision is supported by modern training through classes at UC Davis and Sonoma State University, as well as his hands-on training with Dan Sokolow of Raye’s Hill Vineyard & Winery. These paths weave together the winemaking traditions of Burgundy, France and northern California.

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